Factors contributing to premarital sexual behaviours

3 13 research questions proposed research although school, mass media, peer, and family both influences on ysrh knowledge, attitudes, and behavior, however, each factor play different role. Unlike hunger, sexual drive does not motivate people to fulfill a basic biological need a lack of food leads to death a lack of sex, on the other hand, does not both biological and psychological factors strongly influence sexual drive. Inappropriate sexual behaviors and consequences of such behaviors constitute enormous problems akuffo (1987), karanja (1987), and gage (1992) explain that pre-marital sex is a moral issue in institutions of. There are so many factors that can contribute to youth sexual bahaviour,such as poverty,peer group behaviour,exposure to internet or phonograph films and improper training by the parent or. Structive behaviours such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, multiple sexual partners and un- protected sexual intercourse, which might lead to sexually transmitted infections, hiv and unplanned pregnancies.

Stds are behavior-linked diseases that result from unprotected sex behavioral, biological, and social factors contribute to the likelihood of contracting an std. The purpose of this study was to examine factors influencing attitudes toward sexual activity among early adolescents in japan a total of 1,551 students aged 12 to 14 years at 4 junior high schools were divided into either a conservative or liberal group. Perceived factors influencing deviant behaviour among the youth in njathaini community, nairobi, kenya by mbuthia winnie wairimu a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the. Norms to support uptake and maintenance of behaviour change, and tackle the structural factors that contribute to risky sexual behaviour sexual and reproductive health 2 premarital sex.

Contraceptive knowledge, sexual behavior, and factors associated with contraceptive use among female undergraduate university students in kilimanjaro region in tanzania mussa n sweya,1 sia e msuya,2,3 michael j mahande,2 rachel manongi1,3 1community health department, kilimanjaro christian medical university college, 2department of epidemiology and biostatistics, institute of public health. The aim of this study is to assess the status of the premarital sexual practice and its associated factors among high school students at robit town a cross sectional study was conducted among robit high school students from may to june 2012of 242, students 149% (694% of males and 306% females) reported having practiced premarital sexual. Besides, other factors such as friends’ influence , trainees’ educational level and socio-economy , , , sex educations in school, health services and also the influence of the authorities should also be studied as these factors affect greatly the sexual activities among youths apart from the lack of factors researched in this study, one of. Human sexual behaviour may conveniently be classified according to the number and gender of the participants there is solitary behaviour involving only one individual, and there is sociosexual behaviour involving more than one person sociosexual behaviour is generally divided into heterosexual.

Yes (female)behaviorse) yes (male) 27% 36% no (male) fig 4 respondents acceptance for premarital sexual behaviours the percentagbehaviorsaccepting premarital sexual behaviours is higher thabehaviorsgirls by 10% 6 respondents do not accept premarital sexual behaviours, while 44 resbehaviorsccept. Although it is difficult to make definitive statements about the magnitude of change in premarital sexual behavior in the us population, it appears that both the prevalence of premarital sex and the number of premarital sexual partners have increased over time, while the age at which the first premarital sexual activity occurs has decreased. Research on sexual behavior in the united states indicates that since world war ii among the factors contributing to changes in sexual attitudes and behavior in the united states in the 1960s and 1970s were premarital sexual activity has increased dramatically among women but not among men. It was expected that the age grouping (between 14 to 15 years and 19 to 25 years) of young people would have effects on youth premarital sexual behaviours, but we are proved wrong as age grouping has no significance difference to youth sexual behaviour. Sexual abuse creates a grossly distorted view of sexual behavior, destroys boundaries, and drives a deep sense of worthlessness into the emotions whether the abuse occurred in the distant or recent past, adolescents with this history need ongoing support, counseling and prayer to help them develop healthy attitudes about sex and about themselves.

Factors contributing to premarital sexual behaviours

Pubertal development exerts a powerful influence on adolescents' sexuality, yet social factors also have a prominent role in influencing teenagers' behavior 37 further longitudinal research is needed on the characteristics of sexually abstinent adolescents before we can more fully understand the processes that affect the development of sexual. Widespread premarital sexual activity among adolescents has led to the development of contraceptive education and services tailored to their needs all of the variables might potentially contribute to the risk of pregnancy 339-354, 1988 js santelli and p beilenson, risk factors for adolescent sexual behavior, fertility, and. We examined premarital sexual behaviors among turkish university students and the predictor factors for these behaviors the study included 638 eligible students (256 women and 382 men.

  • Region, namibia and to understand to how certain social and cultural factors inform attitudes and influence sexual behaviour among the population of young people surveyed using a structured questionnaire, data were collected.
  • Background more adolescents in ethiopia are in school today than ever, but few studies have assessed the sexual behaviour of these learners thus, this study tried to assess pre-marital sexual debut and factors associated with it among in-school adolescents in eastern ethiopia.

Sexual risk and protective factors factors affecting teen sexual behavior, pregnancy, childbearing understanding important factors related to sexual behavior is important not only premarital sex may directly affect decisions about having sex at an early age however. The complex factors that shape human sexual behaviour these factors affect whether the expression of sexuality sexual health and sexual rights, and was asked to report environmental factors that contribute to vulnerability and risk. Family sources of sexual health informa tion, primary messages, and sexual behavior of at-risk, urban adolescents american journal of health e education, 43(2), 83-92.

Factors contributing to premarital sexual behaviours
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